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Manage all of your work at all of your locations through a single dashboard


Facilities managers are typically understaffed and overburdened with maintaining facilities with limited resources. You're constantly challenged with increasing program quality and lowering costs all while maintaining your company's brand image and store manager satisfaction.

The time investment and costs associated with managing and validating facility maintenance transactions across multiple locations while comparing the performance across your contractor network, are high.


  • Facilities Management
  • Contractors

Solution: ServiceClick

ServiceClick provides you with a technology platform comprising various modules to validate work performed in the field and manage work orders, proposals, preventive maintenance and assets online and in real-time for all trades and locations. You will reduce paperwork, repair and maintenance costs and improve contractor performance.

Features of this platform include:

Locations & Equipment
ServiceClick's Location & Equipment module allows facility managers to maintain comprehensive location and equipment information in a single online file cabinet. Work history for a specific asset or facility becomes part of the digital record that can be accessed on demand from real-time data.

Online and Telephone Based Service Requests
With ServiceClick, location staff or facilities personnel can place service requests online. The service request engine is fully integrated with call avoidance features and can be customized to a client's own business rules. As soon as a request is placed, its current status and progress will be available on the secure ServiceChannel powered client website. All key information for work orders are managed by the same tracking module, serving as a virtual online file cabinet for a client's service activities and contractor interactions.

Call Center Services
Our full featured call center services are seamlessly integrated with ServiceChannel and focused solely on facility maintenance transactions.

  • 24/7/365 availability with web-based performance reporting
  • Dedicated client branded 800 number
  • Call scripting and custom escalation procedures
  • Automatic follow-up, exception handling, and alerting
  • Web-based performance reporting

On Site check-in/check-out
Utilizing ServiceClick's free GPS-enabled mobile application or our telephone-based interactive voice response system, contractors check-in and out of locations, providing real time updates to facility managers on the progress of the service call. ServiceClick can match caller ID information against its location database to ensure check-in and out calls are authentic. In addition, ServiceClick's notes feature keeps a record of any other updates or communications between client, store, and contractor in a single location.

Reports & Alerts
The Reports module enables facility managers to view up-to-the minute reports across all trades, locations and contractors from any web connection. In addition, facility managers can truly manage by exception using ServiceClick's event-driven reporting engine which sends proactive customized alerts to email, pager or mobile phone if pre-determined conditions are met.

ServiceClick's proposal module streamlines the work order management process by enabling contractors to generate proposals online and transmit them securely to facility managers for review. In addition, Requests for Proposals can be issued to multiple contractors. Once the proposals are submitted by the contractors, they can be easily compared, reviewed and managed using the RFP/Proposals module. Approval, hold and reject functions are all web-based and work in real-time.

Preventative Maintenance / Scheduled Maintenance
ServiceClick's Preventative Maintenance / Scheduled Maintenance module provides facility managers with scheduling, authorization verification and validation of all preventative and scheduled maintenance events. Once schedules are set up, service requests with set not to exceed amounts are auto-generated for the appropriate contractor and trackable online with the full suite of ServiceClick reports and alerts.

Mobile Access
Facility Managers can access ServiceClick via a website specifically designed for mobile phone browsers to check the status of work orders and view reports for a specific store or service request.

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