Repair and Maintenance Management

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Manage all of your work at all of your locations through a single dashboard


Facilities managers are typically understaffed and overburdened with maintaining facilities with limited resources. You're constantly challenged with increasing program quality and lowering costs all while maintaining your company's brand image and store manager satisfaction.

The time investment and costs associated with managing and validating facility maintenance transactions across multiple locations while comparing the performance across your contractor network, are high.

Solution: ServiceClick

ServiceClick provides you with a technology platform comprising various modules to validate work performed in the field and manage work orders, proposals, preventive maintenance and assets online and in real-time for all trades and locations. You will reduce paperwork, repair and maintenance costs and improve contractor performance.

Features of this platform include:

  • Locations & Equipment
  • Online and Telephone Based Service Requests
  • Call Center Services
  • On Site check-in/check-out
  • Reports & Alerts
  • Proposals
  • Preventative Maintenance / Scheduled Maintenance
  • Mobile Access